Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This weather is so beautiful!

Since it was such a beautiful day, and I was off work. We went to the park and Mikayla had so much fun. She watched all the other kid's run and play.

She got to go on the big girl swing. I was afraid she was going to be scared but she loved it.

The picture was a little bright from the sun.

Then we had a picnic with just Cheerio's and juice. We played with some paper from the mail, who said you need fancy toys for kid's. Paper can be a whole lot of fun for a 9 month old. :)

This is what her hairs looks like when Mommy is to lazy to fix it.
( a big fro)


  1. It looks like you guys havd fun! I can not believe how fast all the babies are growing!

    If you are ever off on one of my Fridays (every other)- we should meet up at a park somewhere.

  2. Melissa that would be fun, but always work fridays so I can only do sundays and mondays. But I would meet up one of those days. That would be fun.:)