Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random pictures!

Mikayla all dolled up for church with Grandma. She stayed the night at Granny E's house so Mommy and Daddy could go to a wedding. This of course called for a brand new fancy dress. A girl can't wear the same dress twice.

We didn't really do very much for Easter, but in her Easter basket from Grandma A she got some really cool glasses.

We had a friend over and his little boy Lincoln. Mikayla has a little of her mom in her can you tell. ;) She did a little flirting at her music table, until he hit her in the head with his bottle. She quickly put him his place though. I think they might just be boyfriend/girlfriend someday. We'll see they sure are cute together. :) Daddy says it is not happening because she is going to be single til she is at least 25 or so.

Just for fun, she is even cute with spagetti o's all over her face.

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