Wednesday, July 8, 2009

House Remodeling (Before and after pictures)

It occured to me that I haven't really had this blog very long so there are no pictures of our house. We are doing some remodeling so I am going to show some before and after pictures. We still have more to do still, but Mikayla is not really into remodeling.

This is the front of our house. We will probably work on some landscaping soon when we finish the inside and it isn't so hot.
This is the downstairs bathroom off the family room and 4th bedroom(office) before remodeling.

This is after I used a ceramic spray and sprayed the tile. It turned out better then I thought it would I figured we could always pull it off if we had to but I think I will leave it. I don't want to over spend on this house, because of the area I think you can over do it. It is not our forever house so I just want to make cosmetic changes. I painted the walls and changed the base boards to white and still have to paint the doors white (classic Taupe Behr paint I think). We relaced the sink hardware and light. We had a contractor lay the ceramic tile, because I don't know how to do that and frankly it looks like way to much work. I would of most definetely messed it up.

This is the living room before. Blah right ugly, nasty, and dirty carpet.

After we (actually a contractor because we are lazy, there is only so many hours in a day you know) ripped the carpet up sanded the floors and re stained darker. Painted the walls (after taking of wallpaper that was on one wall that is not pictured), changed the baseboards, and took down the ugly window treatments.

I don't have a before picture of this bathroom it was the ugliest bathroom on earth. So scary if I had taken pictures of it, I would of risked breaking my camera. :) But before we moved in we did a complete remodel on it. Luckily and unluckily we still had our other house to live in while they fixed it since it is the only full bath. Brand new vanity, and brand new jacuzzi tub the old one was all cracked and the tile was so old and cracking everywhere. So new tile throughout, paint, and all new fixtures. This was the biggest expense so far, so I think we did well on the house.

This is the 3rd bedroom and the smallest. ( so we decided to make it the nursery). What didn't know and would find out in a VERY short time was that we would be doing that sooner then we thought. Since these picture we changed the base boards to white though.

This is the master bedroom before ( kind of dark sorry).

This is the master bedroom afterwards.

There will be another post tommorow with more I am getting tired and blogger is driving me crazy. I hate that you have to drag each picture all the way to the bottom. Also any blog experts how do I get a cute background?


  1. Things I have learned from blogging w/ pictures. Upload the last picture you want on your post and go backwards! Blogger did not used to do that, but it does now...supper annoying. Also, I load all my pic first then make my comments- that way when the new pics upload in the right order, I don't have to retype or move anything. And, to get a super cute background... go to my blog, down on the right where all the archives and then blogs are listed... the very last one is a link to a blog that teaches you how to get a cool background. Good Luck!

    You guys are doing a great job at you updates. :)

  2. The house looks great.
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